Our Team

The key to FCD’s success in providing world-class prevention programs is the caliber of its people, from our highly qualified Prevention Specialists and Regional Officers to the Administrative Staff that supports them, led by an experienced Executive Director.

Prevention Specialists

We have thirty-some “road warriors,” as we affectionately call them, who travel to schools around the globe to provide student education, professional development training and consulting services. Rigorous selection, training and evaluation processes are employed to ensure that all Prevention Specialists are ready to provide the highest possible quality of onsite and virtual services to our client schools. All of FCD’s Prevention Specialists are in healthy recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions. They reside in various regional locations around the US and abroad.

Regional Officers

To help manage FCD’s programming, Senior Prevention Specialists are selected to represent FCD in defined geographic regions. They guide FCD’s programming at client schools throughout their regions They also provide supervision and mentorship for the Prevention Specialists who reside in their regions. Together, the Regional Officers serve on the FCD Support Team, which oversees the effectiveness of Prevention Specialist performance and training.

Administrative Staff

A handful of dedicated professionals, located in our Newton, Massachusetts, offices, conduct the “behind the scenes” work that makes FCD the harmonious, effective and successful organization it is. The Administrative Staff is assembled into three groupings: Client Relations, Program Services, and Administrative Services.