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Adult Engagement and Education

Faculty and Staff Professional Development

When it comes to prevention, schools matter. The healthy role modeling and guidance of adults in school communities can make meaningful differences in the lives of young people, including students’ healthy choices when it comes to alcohol and other drug use.

FCD provides a wide array of professional development programs and services. From on-campus meetings during a student education week to webinar series throughout the year, and from printed resources and manuals to multi-day pre-conference and training institutes, all are available for adults active in school and community life.

Two key constants guide FCD’s professional development offerings:

  • A commitment to the social norms approach to prevention, the premiere evidence-based model for substance abuse prevention among colleges and secondary schools across the globe.
  • A collaborative, health-based approach to provision of all services, programs and consultations. At FCD, we believe that prevention is a climate, interwoven into the very fabric of schools and communities, so that effective prevention efforts must engage all community members in their respective prevention roles.

All of FCD’s professional development activities are available to FCD clients engaged in FCD’s Intensive Student Education or any other piece of FCD’s research-based and comprehensive prevention approach to student substance abuse prevention. In particular, FCD strives to provide state-of-the-art information and skill-building to school adults, applicable to their unique prevention roles, at every level of the community:

  • Administration – Heads of School, Principals, Deans and other key administration
  • Health Staff – school counselors, nurses and other clinicians
  • Academic Faculty – subject teachers at the lower, middle and upper school levels
  • Coaches – Athletic directors, and competitive and club sports advisors
  • Additional School Staff – Support staff, including volunteer positions

FCD’s ultimate goal is to deliver the best possible professional development programs and services in the most effective modes, both pedagogically and financially, for schools and communities worldwide.

If you are interested in learning more about FCD’s faculty, staff and other professional development programs and services, please contact us.

We work with virtually any scheduling structure, and can adapt our professional development offerings to fit an individual school’s needs.

Parent and Family Engagement

FCD Educational Services encourages parents and families – as vital prevention agents – to be active participants in student substance abuse prevention through their own education and engagement. Research shows that parent involvement is a key component of effective prevention. Children whose parents talk to them about the risks of alcohol and other drug use are less likely to face problems with substances. In addition, the FCD Student Attitudes and Behavior Surveys reveal that students who make the healthy choice not to drink or use other drugs are more likely than their peers to ascribe clear family rules and boundary setting to their parents.

To support parents in their prevention roles and strengthen families’ participation in substance abuse prevention, FCD offers:

  • a research-based Intensive Parent Education curriculum, deliverable online or in-person, as well as customizable programs that spring from this curriculum
    a live, 60-minute, highly-convenient web version of FCD’s onsite parent workshop, our customizable Parents in Pajamas: FCD Online Parent Meeting, offering parents valuable information about their role in substance abuse prevention.

Parents who understand the unique and positive role they can play in keeping kids healthy, both through their own parenting and through engagement in community prevention efforts, are most likely to be effective preventing their own children’s abuse of substances. For this purpose, the goal of FCD’s parent education is to equip and empower parents to:

  • assume their rightful role as primary prevention agents in the lives of children
  • inform family rules and expectations with a health perspective
  • effectively discuss alcohol- and other drug-related issues with their children
  • promote protections and reduce risks of student substance abuse off-campus.

FCD’s Intensive Parent Education curriculum and other parent education programs can be delivered as single, in-person seminars or webinars, or all together as day-long parent orientations, conferences or retreats. Without ever telling parents how to do their job, Intensive Parent Education focuses on the information and skills most crucial to parenting from health-based, prevention perspective, rooted in evidence from the social norms approach. As with Intensive Student Education, parent programs are highly-customizable, and can be delivered by an FCD Prevention Specialist to address basic information and skill-building as well as highly specific parent questions, concerns and community issues.

If you are interested in learning more about FCD’s parent and family education programs, please contact us.

We work with virtually any scheduling structure, and can adapt our parent and family education offerings to fit an individual school’s needs.