Words of Praise

“Superb in every way conceivable would be about the only way to describe FCD’s visit to (our school). (The FCD prevention specialist’s) knowledge of things students need to know about intoxicating drugs, his professionalism in terms of knowing where boundaries of communication are, his wit, and his candor in addressing issues are all exemplary.”
– Administrator at a school in DeSoto, TX, USA

“In the past, they always told us not to drink, and people were always saying, ‘whatever’ and we kept doing it. After hearing (the FCD prevention specialist’s) story, everyone in the class was shocked. It is an experience that changed my perspective.”
– Student in Bogotá, Colombia

“I learned a lot (from the FCD class)! I’ve come to the point to where I understand WHY not to take drugs, drink alcohol, etc., not just being told to not take it.”
– Middle school student in Ridgeland, MS, USA

“I think that this (FCD) program is definitely going to impact future decisions I would make regarding drugs and alcohol.”
– Student in Lancaster, PA, USA

“Overall, one of the most powerful and important presentations all year — one that students going off to middle school need to hear.”
– Elementary School Principal at a Middle School in Farmington, CT, USA

“(The FCD prevention specialists) are personable and knowledgeable which makes their delivery and messages come across as supportive, non-judgmental, informative, and professional yet on a personal level.”
– Middle School Counselor at a school in Atlanta, GA, USA

“I learned (in the FCD session) just how dangerous addiction can be, and how it can destroy my life. (The FCD prevention specialist’s) story speaks very loudly to me, and makes me realize I never want anything like addiction to stand in the way of my dreams.”
– High school student in Osterville, MA, USA

“Best drug talk I’ve ever witnessed at school. (The FCD class) gave me even more reasons why I would never start using drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.”
– Student in Houston, TX, USA

“(The FCD prevention specialists) were truly exceptional. I think they caused a lot of students to think seriously about making healthy choices. In my estimation, FCD has gone from good to great, and I value the services that FCD provides.”
– High School Director at a school in Ft. Wayne, IN, USA

“I have had drug education in the past, but by far, this (FCD) week was an experience that has probably changed my life.”
– Student in Atherton, CA, USA

“(The FCD prevention specialist) was really easy to relate to because she was a lot like most of the students at (our school) who are high achieving. That made it easier to see how even social drinking can lead to more serious consequences down the road.”
– Student in Oklahoma City, OK, USA

“I wish…every school could benefit from (FCD’s) wonderful model. It works so well and it is because of the people you share with us – Their strength and honesty and wish to help kids make healthy choices for their lives.”
– Counselor at a school in Hartford, CT, USA

“After the FCD talks, it really did have me look at my own life and evaluate the choices I am making.”
– Student in Nanjing, China

“I personally believe that FCD left a very important message in every one of my classmates’ minds. All the stories (the FCD prevention specialist) told us are still very present in (our) minds.”
– High school student in San Salvador, El Salvador

“We’ve all learned about drugs and alcohol and THC and boring facts about how we’ll die if we even think about any of it, but (the FCD prevention specialist) made it so that I’ve thought about substance abuse in a completely different way.”
– Student in Lancaster, PA, USA

“Hearing (the FCD prevention specialist’s) story was perspective-altering. I think that I look at alcohol and other drugs in a different way.”
– Student in Memphis, TN, USA

“The feedback I got from (my son) after (the FCD prevention specialist’s) talk was very positive – he came home buzzing with information which he couldn’t wait to share with me! (The prevention specialist) talked about bad decisions that she made at a young age, peer pressure, being cool – by sharing her experiences & openness, (my son) finds her story very powerful and effective.”
– Parent in Singapore

“I just wanted to say how thought-provoking and useful I found the session with FCD. It is a very worthwhile programme to bring to the parents and the students.”
– Parent in Singapore