Ways to Donate

Gifts of any size are welcome and lend a lot of encouragement to us in our important work. 100% of all charitable contributions provide support for our research and program development, which keeps us on the front edge of the substance abuse prevention field. Please accept our gratitude, in advance, for your consideration of a gift to FCD.

Credit Cards: We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
Please telephone FCD staff at 617-964-9300 x200.

Checks: Please make checks payable to FCD Educational Services and send to: 398 Walnut Street, Newton, MA 02460.

Cash: While cash gifts are welcomed, please know that they are the least secure to transmit. It is best to hand-deliver cash gifts to the FCD office.

Stock or Mutual Fund Shares: If you wish to donate stock or mutual fund shares, please call us at 617-964-9300 x200, to provide us with information about the source and amount of the stock or shares to be transferred, as well as name and contact information for your broker or advisor.

Tangible Personal Property: Jewelry, art works, collections, antiques, and other tangible personal property, with an estimated minimum value of $1,000 and believed to be saleable, are welcome. Gifts of tangible personal property worth $5,000 or more must comply with strict federal guidelines in order to qualify for a federal income tax deduction.

Gift-In-Kind: These are generally defined as non-cash donations, other than real or personal property, and usually come from companies. They often include things like equipment, software, printed materials, food for hosting dinners, gifts of royalties from property, oil, gas or mineral rights, and services. If you wish to make an in-kind contribution, please contact the office to make the arrangements.

Real Property (Real Estate): Gifts of residential and commercial real estate must comply with guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Service. A Phase I Environmental Assessment by a qualified assessor is mandatory. Please contact the office to discuss details for this type of gift.

Planned Giving: Increasingly, donors are using planned gifts as a means of strategically developing and implementing a comprehensive giving plan that includes current and deferred gifts. These types of gifts include current and deferred gifts, including bequests, gift annuities, trusts, etc., that may provide income and/or an endowment to FCD, while providing income tax benefits for donors. There are complex decisions, and it is strongly advised that donors seek trusted tax and legal counsel when considering this type of gift.

The Cutler Society: Donors whose cumulative gifts exceed $25,000 and those who make planned gifts are included in this leadership group, which honors the legacy of FCD’s founders, Don and Lloyd Cutler. Current membership includes:
Mr. and Mrs. E. Miles Herter
Barbara and Richard Kearney
Mr. Edward L. Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. A. Werk Cook
Anne and Paul Goldenheim
Walter L. Landergan, Jr.
Nelson S. and Ruth C. Mead
Mrs. Jessie Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Cutler
Mr. David M. Slye
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Loring, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Tingey Sewall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dana, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Almy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Paine, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Steward, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Adams
Ruth M. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Danforth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Cabot
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bancroft
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Amory
Mrs. G. Barrie Landry
Mr. George Slye